Compelled To Compete - Single

by Consequences

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This is an old song that we are releasing for free download for a limited time. This song features our old line-up and credit is given as such.

Vocals Performed by Sean Thanthavongsa and Jake Ciccotelli
Drums written by Chris Burke

Braeden McCoy - Vocals
Jake Ciccotelli - Guitar/Vocals
Brandon Varney - Drums


released November 12, 2013

Engineered & Produced by Kyle Washburn
Mixed & Mastered by Nick Ingram at Capital House Studio
Written by Consequences and Chris Burke
Lyrics by Jake Ciccotelli and Sean Thanthavongsa




Consequences Westerville, Ohio

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Track Name: Compelled To Compete
It's sad to see
The young men in rival
Shedding tears for their makers
You're all fooled by dictation
Turned against each other to fulfill your own acceptance
And your cause has left you buried (you've been buried)
They don't look back on the lives they've spent

Compare and compete
It's so sad to see
These people, turned rivals
Falling in love with catastrophe
Compare and compete
I need a release
Is there anybody out there
Who's seen the things I've seen?

In a manner of words, I speak

An answer we all look for
Has left us blinded in our own disgrace
What's been left out can only save you
I never thought I'd see the day
I never thought I'd see the day

Not knowing right from wrong
You're always trying to make it
"You need to change," they said
Your cause has left you weak

The moment's calling you
Waiting for you to fall
Everyone's reminding you
That you simply shouldn't hope

All the trouble, all the pain
All for something to change
What's good about having everything
When all you want is more?

All the good people, a working man
A heart of one, a heart of many

I've still got some fight left in me
And I'm not willing to let this go so easily
I find no comfort in red eyes or the passing of time
Just know that you will never get the best of me